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HASHOLOM – May 1942 Extracts

HASHOLOM – May 1942 Extracts


I make no apology for recording that the last paragraph reads:-
“One cannot claim luxurious schools for one’s own children and deny millions of Natives any schooling at all, and still claim to uphold democracy. That is the type of democracy that crumbles from within, whether the victims are non-Europeans or Poor Whites. The Jew cannot expect any succour from liberalism that merely leaves him well alone; to be of any good to him as a community, liberalism must be vigorous in the defence of the rights of every section of the population, Jew and Gentile, English and Afrikaner, Indian and Native.” It is with a feeling of pride that I quote these words, written 75 years ago and 52 years before the advent of the “New South Africa.”

COUNCILLOR GOLDMAN headlined congratulations offered to Mr. Julius Goldman, on his election as a Durban City Councillor. Needless to say the report was accompanied by a photograph of Mr. Goldman, the President of the Club, and received further mention and congratulation in IN TOWN AND OUT.

HOW PESACH WAS CELEBRATED UP NORTH was an article written by Staff-Sergeant Adelson of Krugersdorp, who described the
Pesach service and Seder “attended by roughly 100 officers and men of
the Brigade” held in a Wadi “somewhere up North”.

contained a full report by the special Committee to the Board of Deputies at its most recent meeting of the details and administration of the scheme.

APPALLING MORTALITY OF POLISH JEWS contained an extract from the Bulletin of International News which recorded that the only figures for death-rates in Poland related to Warsaw and not the whole country. The Jewish annual death-rate was between 83 and 103 per 1000, whereas that for non-Jews was between 12 and 16.5 per 1000.
Appalling in truth.

• Captain and Mrs. Sam Ernst on the birth of a son
• Mr. and Mrs. M Hart on the birth of a daughter,
• Capt. Marcus Oshry on having been mentioned in dispatches
• Lilith Leibowitz and S/Sgt. Jack Klass on their recent marriage.

Recorded with deep regret that Harry Sevel and Sonny Geffen, both Club members, had not been among the survivors of H.M.S. Dorsetshire and were presumed missing.

“Another busy month in the canteen” and quoted several fulsome letters of thanks received from “all parts of the world” as it is put in the report.

And there, on page 12 of that issue of HASHOLOM, the record ends. Did the exigencies of War cause the abbreviation of the publication? Or will further research solve the problem? Watch this space.

Hashalom – May 1967 Extracts.

EDITORIAL – none this month.
In place thereof, under the title “NEO-NAZISM NO JOKE”, HASHALOM published an extract from an address recently delivered by the Chief Rabbi B.M. Casper at the Great Synagogue in Johannesburg arising out of a recent Anti-Semitic incident which had taken place in Hillbrow.

SUPPLEMENT to May 1967 issue of HASHALOM.

“In this hour of crisis when not only the future existence of the State of Israel is being wantonly challenged but when the right of all nations and peoples to live in peace is at stake, we, the Jews of South Africa, together with our fellow Jews the world over, declare our resolve to employ all means at our disposal to aid the people to aid the people of Israel in their fight against their lawless aggressors. In invoking the blessing of the A-mighty on the leaders and defenders of the State of Israel we pledge ourselves to stand side by side with our brethren in Israel in their unflinching and gallant fight to retain their hard-won sovereign independence and the integrity of the State.”

This resolution was passed unanimously by leaders of the South African Zionist Movement on the 29th May 1967 – just before the outbreak of
the Six Day War.

YOM HAZIKARON – reported that over 600 attended the commemoration of Yom Hazikaron.

CLUB FORUM reported on a talk by Mr. Rene de Villiers, Assistant Editor of the Star newspaper on his recent visit to Israel. He was reported to have criticised “the plethora of small parties” and said that “the system of proportional representation does not make sense”.

YOUTH PERSONALITY OF THE MONTH was Ronald Berman (wrongly headlined as Roland), whose sporting achievements at school (D.H.S.) were praised, not to mention the fact that he was the Club Hockey team’s main goal scorer.

SOCIAL ROUND-UP (not I T A O) congratulated:
• Benjamin Coll and his bride, Barbara Davidson, on their recent
• The following former students of Natal University on their graduation:
Miss B Disler B.Soc.Sc., Miss L Berman B.Soc.Sc., Mr. R Friedman B.Sc.(Eng), Mrs P. Basckin B.A. (Hons), Miss S Hack B.A.; Miss J Lazarus B.A., Miss M Silver B.A., Mr. W Brewer B.Com., and Mr. M. Lyons B.Com.

This was the heading to a report of the address from the pulpit delivered on Shabbat Eve the 5th May, 1967, at the Great Synagogue by (unusually) the Chairman of the Congregation Mr. A Levine. The summary of the address was reported by “A.L.” and, for the life of him, Pundit can’t make out who that was.

By Pundit