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Radio Eden Air du cate broadcasting live from Eden School, Purim day, 2017. We interrupt our regular broadcast to give you this breaking news just in. Our roving reporters, Daniel and Kayleigh, have just been informed that Queen Esther has revealed that she is in fact Jewish, and that she was the one who foiled evil Haman’s plan to annihilate the Jewish Nation. We can now report that Queen Esther has in fact saved the Jewish nation!!!! There is great excitement and celebrations. Children are shouting and singing in the halls and passages! Some are even rushing onto the field and are beginning to transform it into a fun-fare in order to continue the celebratory atmosphere. We can see that the Grade 6 classes are busy setting up stalls with challenging and exciting games for all to play. We can hear loud sounds of delight and glee coming from the Jumping Castles, as pupils wait patiently for their turns. The pre-primary is also celebrating with fancy dress costumes, face painting and other fun activities.

What an important day! All we can say, is that the only fitting ending to such a successful outcome is to give everyone a delicious hamentashen to enjoy!