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By Cheryl Unterslak

It has been an exciting term with the children learning about numerous aspects of Judaism from Kidvai Kodesh, as well as history of the Jewish people, Chagim and various shiurim.

One of the primary school projects was to make their own Haggadah while learning about Pesach and they then made a wonderful Pesach presentation to take home to their parents, which included Kosher pesach wine, matzah, Eliyahu’s cup, and their haggadah.

The students are also learning through their different booklets about Derech Eretz and it is very interesting to hear their ideas and report backs on what they have learnt. W e are really blessed to be able to teach such special menschadi k children in Durban!!

The Talmud Torah team wish everyone a Chag Pesach Sameach.