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Akiva College

By Jess Stout

March and April have been busy and exciting months at Akiva College, and a fantastic way to end off the first term of 2017.

Following Tu B’Shvat, Purim was a phenomenal success this year. Everyone put a huge amount of effort into their outfits, which they had a chance to show off during the Purim parade. Members of staff put on a very funny skit all about the story of Purim, complete with Rabbi Lebowitz dressed up as the “stunning” queen Ester. This was followed by a very intense round of war cries by the opposing school houses; Hillel and Shamai. The school spirit really shone through and I am sure that the whole of Umhlanga knows the house names now. The younger Grades were then treated to a ball filled jumping castle, while the older Grades all took part in the game show Minute to Win It. The students were split into six teams that competed against each other in a number of fun challenges, each with a minute to complete the challenge. Well done to everyone who took part in this wonderful day.

As soon as the Purim celebrations ended, Akiva College moved straight on to Pesach preparations. Students spent the next few weeks learning all about Pesach and practising for their respective school Seders. Grades 000 to 1 made the most beautiful Haggadot which they used at their school Seder. They learnt many songs and all left school eager to clean their own homes in preparation for the upcoming holiday. Grades 2 to 9 put in many hours of practice, which culminated in an excellent school Seder in which the students went through most of the Haggadah. This Seder was also attended by a number of students from outside schools. Everyone dressed up as though they themselves were the Israelites leaving Egypt. Shakeiach to everyone involved in both of these fantastic and educational Seders.