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Project TEN

Another month has flown by!

Project TEN SA has been busier than ever. Our sincerest thank you to all our partners for the continuous support.

We continue to grow, adding new projects and spending more valuable time with the very welcoming Jewish community of Durban.

The second cohort is already nearing the end of their time here, and we are so thankful for the amazing experience thus far.


International Women’s Day in the Youth Movements

On the 8th of March, the world celebrated International Women’s Day. Project Ten decided that all of our activities in our Tumaini and Amaoti youth movements would be connected to this subject. In these activities we spoke about women empowerment and their rights and showed them that women and men are not different. We taught them about strong women in Africa and around the world, and told them their stories - how these powerful became strong and influential.

Holiday camp in Phoenix

One week of school holiday is a perfect opportunity for a short camp! The Domino foundation and Project TEN joined hands and created a camp for the children of the Amaoti Township. We had approximately 200 kids
every day, between the ages 3-14. Each day had its own theme - sports day,
elements day, around the world, Peter Pan day, and a talent show for the last day of the camp. The main goal was to have fun and to learn new things!

A new project with Protect!

This month we started a brand new project, partnering with an organisation called Protec. In this project we have a group of 15 adults that come twice a week to Protec (a computer learning center) and learn how to use a computer from the basic skills to advanced ones. So far we have taught them how to use a keyboard and a mouse, how to write in Word, and opened emails accounts for all of them.

We are very excited about this project. It is extremely empowering for the group and we can feel the positive change that we are making.