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Eden College

By Norma Bloch


On Tuesday the 12th of October we boarded the school bus with great excitement. We were on our way to Chabad to enjoy a Sukkah party with the Masadniks. Upon arrival we managed to sit in the sukkah, do the mitzvah of Lulav and Etrog and enjoy a snack, and then....... chaos.....!! a massive, devastating storm had hit Durban. The phone began to ring incessantly, anxious parents concerned for our safety and teachers worried about how we were going to travel back to school. We received so much conflicting advice, some said - wait there and be safe until the storm subsides, others said -no come back now it is going to get worse and soon the roads will all be blocked. What to do? Well ....we decided to wait in the warmth and safety of Chabad house. Deborah kindly fed the starving but extremely well behaved kids. The Masadniks decided it was time to leave , and after assuring us that they had arrived home safely, we reboarded our bus and thankfully returned to school safely without any incidences. This is certainly one Sukkot we will not forget.

L’hitraot until next month