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By Cheryl Unterslak

During my last trip to Israel I delivered backpacks filled with letters and gifts for the siblings of Officer Hadas Malka who was murdered by terrorists in July of this year. This beautiful vibrant young woman was stabbed to death at Damascus gate outside the Old City of Jerusalem when she and her police unit heard gunshots and went to help.

I travelled down to Moshav Givat Ezer to meet with her lovely family. I came on a very emotional day as Hadas’s whole family was there for the Hachnassat Torah. A Torah was being dedicated in her name to the community. In one photo you can see the trailer where the Torah would be placed when it was going to be taken around the community to the shul. There is a photograph of Hadas in the ark. In another photo is Hadas’s two youngest siblings with their bags full of gifts from the children at Yeshivah College in JHB and on the table behind is the Torah. The family were very grateful and emotional, for the love and support that they received. I left with a very broken heart for this beautiful family who had lost their precious daughter/ sibling/grandchild. Please see attached a letter that an older sibling sent via email, after they had received a wedding box from DIVOTE.

There are a few photographs here of some of the children in Israel affected by acts of terrorism with their gifts from the primary school students of Yeshivah College. The children received their grey packets with a child’s name on it and they filled them with gifts as their Elul chesed project. They also wrote the most magnificent letters that were full of love. This project was a huge success. With this article are a few of the many photos of some of the children with their bags of gifts. The children in Johannesburg gave the children in Israel a great deal of happiness.


My name is Tamir Malka, 29 from Israel. My sister Hadas, a border patrol police officer was murdered in a terrorist attack over 2 months ago just 1 month before my wedding. A wedding she so wanted to be a part of.

This week you have came to our house to offer your condolences and sympathize with us, I wasn’t present but my mother Geula was deeply inspired and touched by this gesture, she really appreciated it. Even through our darkest hour - we cannot ignore all of the support we are getting from the Jewish community across the world and from police organizations.

You are the meaning of “Kol Israel Achim” (all of Israel brothers) and hearing about your visit gave me power & hope. I am attaching a goodbye letter from our family to Hadas, we have read this at the end of the “Shiva’a” at the cemetery Thank you & Shabat Shalom!