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By Jacqui Herbst

For most of us lucky ones, childhood did not include monumental changes or epic upheavals. So for most of us as children we viewed the world as unchanging and fixed. We knew what to expect and we knew what was expected of us. Those whom we loved and who took care of us were ever present and our world seemed predictable and safe.  In our age of innocence we believed wholeheartedly that this is how it would always be. Adolescence, adulthood and experience exposed this world view for the fairytale it was, along with unicorns and the tooth fairy.
“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” said Heraclitus of Ephesus back in the fifth pre-Christian century. And we learn this truth through the ever changing world around us, personal circumstance, departures and bereavements.
Why have I chosen the subject of change for this editorial?  Hashalom, established in 1923, has for decades had at its editorial helm, an Arkin. Marcus Arkin was chairman of the editorial board and wrote a monthly op ed for 25 years until his retirement and Antony Arkin, Marcus’s son was editor from 1985 until his move to Israel in December 2017. And so now Hashalom faces its own inevitable changes.  How will Hashalom look and feel without the established and familiar hand of an Arkin at its editor’s desk?  Will a new editor fulfil the almost century old mission statement so capably upheld by Antony Arkin during his editorship?

“Hashalom merely desires to serve the interests of our co-religionists with fearless honest endeavour, free from prejudice and partiality”.
Change is as inevitable as it is constant. For Hashalom, the challenges of change also usher in the opportunities for growth. Wherever that growth may take us, our responsibility as the editorial board of Hashalom remains what was its hallmark for decades;  sensitivity to our readers and editorial integrity. Our hope for Hashalom is that in 2023 there will be a Hashalom centenary publication celebrating its readers, relishing its successes, acknowledging its past and celebrating its future.

We welcome Jacqui Herbst to the staff of Hashalom. Jacqui has taken over as production manager from Robyn Bradley who left in December for New Zealand. Jacqui has a strong background in journalism and print media having previously worked for Caxton Newspapers before freelancing as a sports writer and photographer.  Jacqui lives in Umdloti with her cat, Buffy the Rodent Slayer and enjoys surfing, stand-up paddling, trail running and has recently taken up krav maga.