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By Cheryl Unterslak

The DIVOTE volunteers in Israel have been very busy delivering happiness to many of the families affected by acts of terrorism.

Once members of the DIVOTE team meet a family and deliver backpacks to them on the first visit from the children of South Africa, we keep in contact with them and show them support at special times in their lives.

In the attached photos you can see David and his Kallah with their DIVOTE wedding gift box. David is a lovely young man who went through a sad time when his father was stabbed to death. When his father was taken to hospital after the stabbing David took leave from the navy to sit by his father’s bedside day after day, caring for him until he passed away. David knew that we did not forget about him and that we were there at this special time in his life to wish him Mazeltov and to deliver him happiness and support. David and his lovely Kallah appreciated the gifts a great deal.

Esther is seen with her new baby. Esther’s husband was stabbed and Baruch hashem survived the attack. Her husband had lived in Johannesburg for a few years when he was a child and he was so happy to receive gifts from the South African community. Both Esther and the Durley family received full DIVOTE baby bags that contained numerous new clothing in different sizes, bottles, accessories, fluffy toys and gorgeous blankets that were donated by our enthusiastic knitters around the country.

In the one photo is Magen whose father was recently critically injured in an attack and is still in hospital in a coma. During this difficult time Magen was celebrating his Barmitzvah. The family have a number of financial challenges and Magen needed Tefillin and other items. Riki who is one of the DIVOTE team, arranged that a shul in New York bought the Tefillin and Riki delivered it to him. You can see him putting them on for the first time. Children in various schools around South Africa will be filling backpacks with love and support for him and his other siblings at the beginning of the new year and I will deliver it to them after Pesach.

There is a photo of Yosef Chaim with his DIVOTE wedding gift box, standing with his father who has been involved in many terror this attacks that took place in Jerusalem and is now suffering from severe PTSD. We are all so happy for Yosef Chaim who has found a lovely Kallah. Yosef Chaim was extremely grateful and appreciated the ongoing support that he receives from the South African Jewish community.

DIVOTE received many beautifully made jerseys, scarves and blankets of all sizes at the end of the year and these were sent to Israel and distributed to many of the families affected by terrorism and poverty so that they could have something warm for the winter months. The recipients were appreciative and some were emotional when receiving these handmade gifts that made a huge difference to their lives.

I want to thank all of the DIVOTE donors again who support these special families/children in Israel and who touch their lives and show them that there are people who care about them at the tip of Africa.