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Cooking with Judy & Linda


4 cups (8 slices) cubed white bread    ½ cup raisins
2 cups milk            ½ cup cream
½ cup sugar            2 eggs + 1egg yolk, slightly beaten
¼ cup butter, melted        1 tablespoon vanilla        
½ teaspoon ground nutmeg

Heat oven to 180deg C
Combine bread and raisins in large bowl
Combine milk, cream, sugar, egg mixture, melted butter and vanilla in a large bowl
Pour mixture over bread and stand for 10 minutes.
Pour into greased casserole dish and bake for 40 to 50 minutes

Vanilla Sauce    ½ cup butter    ½ cup sugar
                ½ cup firmly packed brown sugar    
        ½ cup cream     1 tablespoon vanilla

Combine all sauce ingredients except vanilla in a saucepan
Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until mixture thickens and comes to a boil. Stir in vanilla.


6 eggs        1 cup castor sugar    2 teaspoons vanilla essence        4 cups milk     1 cup cream     nutmeg or cinnamon

Beat the eggs and sugar until creamy, then add the vanilla
Warm the milk and cream and add it to the beaten egg mixture
Pour into a nice baking dish then place it into a roasting pan.
Pour boiling water in the pan about half way up the dish with the custard.

Sprinkle with grated nutmeg or some cinnamon. Bake at 170deg C for 45 minutes then remove the custard dish from the roasting pan.  Custard must still be a bit “wobbly” - it firms up as it cools. Serve chilled, or at room temp, or slightly warm. NOTE:  Nice baked in individual ramekins for about 25-30 minutes. Use this recipe for rice pudding using leftover cooked rice  – make and bake as above, just add the cooked rice and a handful of sultanas to the custard before baking.


1 cup rice           1 litre milk
125ml sugar       2ml salt
1 stick of cinnamon       30ml butter or margarine, cut into several pieces
5ml ground cinnamon mixed with 30ml sugar 25ml cream or ½ cup Orly Whip

Place rice in an ovenproof dish.  Heat the milk to just below boiling point
Remove from stove and stir in the sugar and salt. Stir until well dissolved.
Pour over rice, add cinnamon stick and dot with the butter
Bake at 160C for 1½ hours, stirring every ½ hour so the rice doesn’t descend into the bottom of the dish
Sprinkle the surface with the cinnamon sugar mixture 10 minutes before cooking time is up.
Add whipped cream or Orly Whip when cold.
Place in a bowl, sprinkle with cinnamon and refrigerate until needed.
Serve with hot chocolate sauce.