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The first issue was published in September 1923 by the "Durban Jewish Circle" as a free monthly bulletin devoted to the interests of Durban Jewry. Over this entire period the fundamental objectives of the journal have remained remarkably constant. It was never only the Club mouthpiece. Its purpose was to "serve the interests of our co-religionists with fearless honest endeavour, free from prejudice and partiality". In 1926 the original 3-page pamphlet was changed to a quarter size of 24 pages. In the June 1926 editorial its role of "consolidating the community, raising questions of policy and assisting the various communal bodies" was emphasised. The next year the journal became a full sub-section of the "Circle" with its own committee chaired by Mr S Moshal.

In an article in the Rosh Hashanah edition in 1929, Mr H L Magid wrote that "Hasholom has, since its inception, dealt with numerous and varied aspects of the Jewish communal life in Durban". Not only had it "referred to the activities of local societies", it dealt with "matters of general Jewish interest such as the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Zionism and the Keren Hayesod campaigns". In the October 1932 editorial it was again emphasised that "our columns have of course always been open to every Jewish institution in the town…"

In May 1958, arising out of the remarks of Rabbi Shrock that the English transliteration of the Hebrew "Hasholom" had become obsolete, the name of the journal was amended to "Hashalom". As Club activities dwindled in the 1960's, Hashalom became redundant as a "house magazine. In November 1972 it was transformed into a "communal newsletter" under the joint auspices of the Council of Natal Jewry, Natal Zionist Council and the Durban Jewish Club. The Zionist Digest was incorporated and by distributing Hashalom to all of Natal Jewry rather than only Club members, the journal was recognised as the community mouthpiece.

A 32 page Hashalom comes out every month but with one issue for December / January and three bumper issues being the Pesach, Rosh Hashanah and Chanukah editions. It is distributed to all Jewish households in KwaZulu-Natal as well as other interested persons elsewhere.

The Hashalom includes local organisational and social news, editorial material, commentary on local and Middle East issues and columns of a lighter nature. If you live in Durban and do not receive our printed edition, please contact the Hashalom office on 031 335 4451 or email