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By Michelle Campbell

On Wednesday evening 22 March, the Kwazulu Natal Zionist Council, together with South African Friends of Israel (SAFI), an affiliate organisation of the South African Zionist Federation, held a very successful Israel advocacy conference at the Durban Jewish Centre. Just under 100 delegates attended the conference which kicked off with an audio-visual presentation about the work of SAFI, followed by a welcome speech by the founder and Co-Chairman of SAFI (and also the current Chairman of the South African Zionist Federation), Mr. Ben Swartz. This was followed by a very inspiring televised address by Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein. Speakers Chris Eden from Bridges for Peace, Luba Mayekiso national director of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, and Tshepo Ndlovu and Mithi Jamie from the SAZF, all kept the delegates enthralled with their diverse and thought provoking viewpoints on the subject of advocating for Israel.

The evening concluded with keynote speaker, Ms Chloe Valdary, director of Partnerships and Outreach with Jerusalem U, an Israeli organisation that in the words of its mission statement “breaks old moulds, forges new approaches to Jewish and Israel education through the creative use of film and technology all distributed via the Internet, social media, television, grassroots campaigns and partnerships with mainstream pro-Israel and Jewish organizations”. Chloe’s address focussed on the emergence of Jewish nationalism in the 19th century as a direct result of the oppression and exclusion experienced by Ashkenazi Jews in Europe, and her own awakening to the Zionist narrative, growing up in a home steeped in Christian values in New Orleans. Following a closing address by Prof Antony Arkin, Chairman of the KNZC, the delegates thoroughly enjoyed their tea and the opportunity to chat with the various speakers.

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