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Young Israel Centre

By Jess Stout

Sukkot is always a fun and busy time at the Young Israel Centre. This year 4 students from Yeshiva College joined us for Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah.

We took the opportunity to invite as many of the youth as possible to meals with them.

Shabbat fell straight after Simchat Torah, so without missing a beat the Young Israel Centre hosted a youth lunch with the Yeshiva College students as well as some of the youth in Durban.

As soon as the Chaggim were over, it was time to start planning for the Shabbat Project. This year we hosted a fantastic Shabbat supper. We were joined by the usual Shabbat crowds as well as many others who do not normally get involved. It was a fantastic evening and we look forward to having everyone over to experience many more Shabbatot.

Camp time is around the corner and Bnei Akiva sent down 3 dynamic madrichim for school visits and to speak to the parents. They were a joy to have in the

Young Israel Centre and we look forward to having them again in the near future.

We take this opportunity to wish everyone Channuka Sameach and a fantastic December break.