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by Deni Abergel

She’s nestled away in a tranquil mountain range that nurtures the bonds of a new family.

Netzer; our home.

Never in my life have I seen a place this beautiful - but not just the mesmerising mountain ranges or the fantastical night sky - but the feeling of home and family, a place where people from all walks of life are catered for, where a feeling of true love is felt and where new memories aren’t just woven in our minds, but our hearts too.

Each day is a new adventure, fun filled days at the dam, beach days where our bodies lay sun-kissed with the beach plastered on with jovial children. Or Israelie day, learning of our roots as we all bond together under the wings of our Maddie’s, even our very own South Africa day where we learn more of our country.

But nothing beats the cream of the crop, events of all events and the most anticipated days of camp, colour wars. A day where the camp splits into two, red and blue, where we paint the town red or we let the blue skies be our limits, yet at the end of the day, we still come together in peace and harmony over dinner, because at netzer, there are no losers.
As we draw into the closing week, we embrace visitors day, seeing our much missed family and friends again as we have one giant, and beautiful maamad, a bitter sweet day as we all enjoy the loved moments of having are family around.

Let’s not forget channies day, our very own special event where we, Keshet, take over the camp and lead all the activities for the day, finally, we show off our skills as the next great leaders of the movement, making our Maddie’s proud and our channies’ eyes sparkle with a little more joy.

We dreadedly enter the last few days of camp, and before we know it, the unwished for last day of camp arrives, but not all is sad and gloomy, to keep our spirits up, we have a talent show put on where our little channies show of their great skills and talents, blowing away even the most brutal of judges, followed by a disco party that never seems to end with a dance floor that’s too hot to handle, and to ease us into the new day, a midnight maamad that’s purely heavenly.

Our dorms now full of chatter in the last few hours of camp, not one person decides to sleep, not wanting to regret missing the last conversations of camp. And now, a slow and sad bus ride to the airport, with waving hands filling the air, and tear-soaked eyes, we say goodbye and wait in anticipation for the next summer camp, to relive the best memories of our lives and be with our second family again.